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Podium Set-Ups


Single Podium Setup, or Matching Double Podium Setups.


Each Set Includes:

– Two 15″ LCD floor monitors with poles and glass.

– One backup 15″ LCD floor monitor and spare glass

– Two computers with switcher, and DA.


SDI or HDMI Signals can be sent anywhere – downstage confidence monitors, back wall projections, front of house, etc.


Limited Equipment Services are also available that include Operator and Computers only.

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Matching Podium Sets

The Classic Two Podium Setup




Optional Two System Stage Setup


This configuration not only allows the Presenter to walk the stage, but is also great for awards shows when using 3 Presenters.


On-Camera Set-ups




– Two 15″ LCD Flat screens

– Two computers with switcher, and DA

– Can be mounted on tripod, or on a stand.

– Option to send signal to 6 monitors.


Other Features:

– A redundant  computer is always included.

– Numerous font sizes for visibility at any distance

– Scripts can be emailed or input via a flash-drive at location

– Changes on-set are quick and painless.

– Final script can be handed to you on-site or emailed in a .docx format.



8″ Monitors also available:

– Great for hiding off-camera when shooting in small spaces with tight shots and lots of dialog.

– Use for Director, Script Supervisor, etc.




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